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Although the York County was decommissioned and transferred to the Italian government and then eventually scraped in Italy, the Spiegel Grove LSD- 32 shown below was cleaned and sunk near Dixie Shoals in Key Largo.  The ship is lying in 90 feet of water.

The following 8mm Navy films that are listed below were taken by Tim Cook, but first, during a Mediterranean cruise the York County stopped in several ports including Porto, Portugal where he took several movies while on liberty.  The first clip is of an electric tram which they used in Porto instead of buses.  It reminded him when he was very young riding electric street cars in Columbus, OH.   These other clips are a little longer but they show life as it was at the time in Porto, Portugal, which is now a very modern city.   The next clip is a repeat of the tram, but with a scene change showing a group of school children who wanted to pose for for the camera.   He also filmed people walking to market carrying baskets on their heads, which appeared to be a very common practice.   The last clip shows downtown Porto as the city begins to wind down for the day (Note! short clip).

Silent 8mm Movies from LST-1175 ©

Note! If the movie don't start at the first click, try selecting it again.
  • Cut One  The York County riding the waves.
  • Cut One Long  The long edited version of the above cut.
  • Cut Two  A few of the crew taking a break at Morehead City, NC.
  • Tim Cook  Tim Cook on Fantail at Sea.
  • Cut Three  The 1175 at sea with full load (part-1).
  • Cut Four  The 1175 at sea with full load (part-2).
  • Cut Five  LSD- 32 Spielgel Grove coming along side for a high line detail.
  • Cut Six  An Ensign getting a ride of his life (he was warned not to look down).
  • Cut Seven  LST - 1171 Desoto County coming along side.
  • Cut Eight  Crew members starting with Bob McKay and ending with Ensign Gowen.
  • Cut Nine  The unforgettable G. K. Loew relaxing.
  • Collins  Franklin Collins Clowning on Fantail.
  • Cut Ten  A few of the crew taking a break.
  • Cut Eleven  Some of the crew relaxing on the fantail.
  • Found Clip  More images of the crew relaxing on the fantail.
  • Cut Twelve  Offloading equipment in Morehead City, NC.
  • Cut Thirteen  Offloading equipment in Morehead City.
  • Cut Fourteen  York County at sea and coming home.
  • Cut Fifteen  Stern Anchor and wake.
  • Boatswain Mate Dancing Boatswain Mate.
  • LST Row  York County in port and other LST's at Little Creek.
  • Cut Eighteen  Taken from the bridge while docked at Little Creek.

The following film clips have background music added to the clips. Some are longer than the above clips, and you should have a high speed computer connection to view them, or you could also consider going to your local public library to view them.

Many thanks to Mr. Joe Wise for sharing his videos shown below.  They were taken while he was stationed aboard the York County.

Many thanks to Don "Mac" McLaughlin RM1 for sending us his 8MM film.  We would also like to thank him for running so many phone patches via Ham Radio so we could all talk to our families back home.

These are some 8mm cuts from Alan Schultz SM2.  Some show how rough it can get on the signal bridge.  He mentions that Roger O. Schultz GM3, Bob D. Torbert SN and Dene R. Harlow are also shown with him on some of the signal bridge clips.

After a video runs, right click on the link and select "save target as," then make sure you know where it's being saved to.  If you're at the library maybe you can ask a librarian for help to save these videos on a flash drive you brought with you?

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