Navy Images from Earl Nickleson

Earl Nickleson, Electrician Mate Second Class (EM2) and served on the York County LST-1175 during the "Solant Amity III" South African cruise in 1961 recently sent some images from the cruise to South Africa.  As most of you know, when a ship crosses the Equator, there is the usual equator-crossing ceremony with crew members who have already crossed the Equator are nicknamed (Trusty) Shellbacks, often referred to as Sons of Neptune, with those who have not, are nicknamed (Slimy) Pollywogs.

The images shown below are from the operations to and from Africa showing both operations and the Pollywog ceremony.

As most of our other Navy pages, as you slowly move your mouse pointer over the small images below, hopefully you will see the name or details about the larger image before selecting it to view.  If you see a question mark or the name is wrong, we would appreciate an email to Tim Cook ( helping me identify the image.





          Pollywog Ceremony Images Below




          These two are from Africa


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