Navy Images from Joe Sharland

Joe Sharland, Quartermaster Third Class (QM3), served on the York County LST-1175 during the "Solant Amity III" African cruise in 1961.  A naval Quartermaster is responsible for the watch-to-watch navigation and under the direction of the navigator.  Maintenance, correction, and preparation of nautical charts and navigation publications, responsibility for navigational instruments and clocks, and training of ship's lookouts and helmsmen are among the Quartermaster's duties.

Note! The images below are from slides taken to Walmart and transfered to a CD at a very low cost, then mailed to the York's web guy Tim Cook 37 Townsend Place Athens, OH 45701.  Once copied, the CD is returned ASAP.   We'd Welcome Yours Too!

Many of these images are simular but different than the ones from Harris Cotter.  Some of the images below are from South Africa, and some were taken at sea.

As you slowly move your mouse pointer over the small images below, hopefully you will soon see the name or details about the image before selecting the image to view.







Below are scanned B&W images from Joe's
Solant Amity III Cruise Book








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